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La Moglie Schiava (1996) DVDRip

Released: 1996

Title: La Moglie Schiava

Runtime: 1:09:23

Genre: Feature, Anal, Oral sex

Studio: Salieri Entertainment

Director: Nicky Ranieri

Stars: Anita Blond, Deborah Wells, Backey Jakic, Francesco Malcom, Dalila, Jolth Walton, Miriam Dexel, Lisa Hairt, Kalman Nijri, Davide Tassi, Michael Tarrini

About movie:

A long and vivid nightmare... or is it an erotic dream? Our heroine is beautiful - her hair is cut short and matted down on her head. Her tits are huge, and when she walks in crotchless lingiere her trimmed bush is prominent. In her dreams, she is a prostitute. She is the fucktoy of any who wish to use her and pay for her services.

First, she has to fuck three well-to-do men in a sitting room. They fuck her ass and cum all over her. Next, she has to fuck a bum - a drunk with no tact or care. She is revolted by him but does her duty. She is forced into bed with another woman, and again performs with a woman in a sitting room - both times she is treated like an object by the men. In the final scene, she is a spectator but she's brought to the forefront again as an object to cum on. The other woman licks the cum from her legs.

When our heroine awakes, she finds herself in the loving arms of her husband, comforting her and letting her know it's going to be okay. Scene Breakdowns

Scene 1. Dalila, John Walton

Scene 2. Dalila, John Walton

Scene 3. Backey Jakic, Dalila, Francesco Malcom, John Walton

Scene 4. Dalila, Unknown Male 219279-A

Scene 5. Anita Blond, Dalila, John Walton, Kalman

Scene 6. Dalila, John Walton, Stefania Sartori

Scene 7. Dalila, Deborah Wells, John Walton

File Information

Quality: DVDRip

Format: AVI

Video: DivX 352x288 (4:3) 1150 Kbps 25.00 fps

Audio: MPEG Audio Layer 3 44100Hz stereo 224Kbps

Size of file: 695.59 Mb

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