Friday, June 4, 2010

Potere (1991) DVDRip

Year: 1991

Title: Potere

Time length: 1:15:29

Category: All Sex, Hardcore

Company: Salieri Entertainment

Director: Mario Salieri

Stars: Charlene Roben, Jeanna Fine, Misty McCaine, Nicky Sullivan, Sunny McKay, Zara Whites, Marco Neri, Peter Dalmont, Rally Van Essen, Sean Michaels, Yves Baillat


Corruption, violence and sex are being demonstrated. The Italian Minister continues his sadistic abuse of his social power of revenge. However, African Americans and other team up to end the power corruption. These guys will do anything to end this conflict even if it means fucking their wives to get closer to the Minister! Corruption, violence et sexe sont le quotidien de ce ministre italien sadique abusant de son pouvoir social avant que par vengeance sa femme soit violee par un black au sexe demesure. Scene 1. Jeanna Fine, Yves Baillat

Scene 2. Charlene Roben, Rally Van Essen

Scene 3. girl, Sean Michaels

Scene 4. Charlene Roben, Rally Van Essen, Sunny McKay

Scene 5. 2 girls, Yves Baillat

Scene 6. guy, Zara Whites

Scene 7. Sunny McKay, Sean Michaels

Scene 8. guy

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